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How do I set the Init.MTUSize to 9000 in the NetKVM Virtio Windows Driver

While developing a high performance Windows 7 mechanical engineering environment where most of the resources of the OpenStack vmhost are given to the Windows 7 instance running under the KVM hypervisor we have hit a problem configuring the 10GigE network which uses jumbo frames. We have managed to get cloudbase-init to set the MTU on the network interface but have just discovered that the NetKVM virtio driver also has an MTU setting named Init.MTUSize. The RedHat documentation only has a GUI method for changing from the default MTU size of 1500. Is there a way to change this driver setting using cloudbase-init? The engineers who will be using these virtual workstations will not have administrative authority in Windows to change the driver settings. We loose network connectivity to the VM when the small MTU is set in the driver. I'd like to avoid building a special version of the Windows virtio drivers just to change one default value.