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Hyperv nova compute drivers installation

Hello I am trying to install nova compute drivers on Windows Server 2012R2 and when the install finishes I am able to see the hyperv as a hypervisor on the openstack dashboard, but when i want to lauch an instance i get an error that no suitable hosts were found. I have OpenStack Mitaka installed on my lab and its working fine with KVM hypervisors but i wanted to mix it with hyperv as well. My hyperv machine has 2 NIC. First NIC is the management interface and it has a local ip which is in the same range with the openstack controller machine. Second NIC i added it to a hyperv bridge which is created from the installer and it doesn't have an IP address, but its connected to the switch where i get my public IP range for the VM's. During installation i provide all the correct information that it requires, but in the end i cannot get it to work. If someone could give me instructions on how to install the nova compute drivers properly it would be great. Thank You.