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1067 error when it started cinder-volume

I've asking about cinder plugin .

When I tried 'net start cinder-volume' after installation of CinderVolumeSetupKilo201510.msi

Error msgs were record as "Error 1067 The process terminated unexpectedly."

And no logs into C:\OpenStack\log.

Below config is mine. Please check that one.. and What do I focus that one...?

[DEFAULT] authstrategy=keystone volumenametemplate=volume-%s glanceapiservers=X.X.X.X:9292 sqlconnection=mysql://cinder:xxxxx@X.X.X.X/cinder?charset=utf8 windowsiscsilunpath=H:\iSCSIVirtualDisks imageconversiondir=C:\ImageConversionDir verbose=false lockpath=C:\OpenStack\Log\ rabbithost=X.X.X.X