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Simple example for user-data / meta-data

Hi guys, i am used to working with linux. Creating a simple iso like so:

vi user-data 
vi meta-data
genisoimage -output ws2012-ds.iso -volid cidata -joliet -rock user-data meta-data

After this i am able to boot the virtual machine and everything seems to work.

Now i tried following various tutorials doing the same for windows, but it seems that the file user-data with ps1_sysnative on the first line is not getting executed. I read a bit about, but this is not my setup.

Just a simple kvm which i want to setup with my password and install some apps.



Write-Output "Changing Administrator password"
#change admin password
net user Administrator $AdminPassword
Write-Output "Changed Administrator password"

Write-Output "Changing Computer Name"
Rename-Computer -NewName $computerName
Write-Output "Changed Computer Name"

Write-Output "Installing Puppet 3.8.7"
msiexec.exe /qn /forcerestart /i c:\temp\puppet-3.8.7-x64.msi
Write-Output "Installed Puppet  3.8.7"

A simple "getting started"-section would be a great addition to your documentation.