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Cinder SMB fails to attach


We have setup a Mitaka Openstack environment based on a Windows 2012R2 Cluster. Everything is working well. We are now trying to implement Cinder with the SMB driver. Cinder starts correctly, Volume can be created, snapshoted or resized with no problem. But when we try to attach the volume to an instance it fails with the following error (nova-compute.log) : NovaException: WMI job failed with status 10. Error details: Failed to add device 'Physical Disk Drive'. - 'instance-0000007e' failed to add device 'Physical Disk Drive'. (Virtual machine ID DFF76BB3-8D3B-4787-8C78-BD04E66B9573) - Error code: 32773

We also installed the iSCSI driver which is working correctly.

Do you have any idea of what we have missed ?