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Offline template conversion

This might tread into "Use Coriolis" which is a fine enough answer, but figured I would poke at it a bit. ;-)

We have windows templates on a different hypervisor that we want to make available in a heterogeneous openstack cloud. So converting the files is easy, but we also need to handle the old drivers and the new ones while also injecting cloudbase-init.

For Hyper-V we are golden on drivers so it is just purge the previous stack to avoid strange BSODs and install cb-init.

For KVM though I need to get the virtio stack staged and installed beyond purging and cb-init. This creates annoying trips through glance starting w IDE, then back to scsi, etc. all while a person runs the process.

Could we at minimum stage the drivers using guestfish to avoid multiple volume annoyances etc? cb-init may still be declarative and touch the registry which makes it harder to do offline, but how far can we make template conversion headless and factory?