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Cannot launch instance on Hyper-V

Hello all, I have a multi node openstack deployment with ( controller-neutron-compute1(KVM)). I am using the mitaka version and i used the cloudbase HyperVNovaCompute to install it on the second compute node. The kvm node is working and i am able to launch instances on it. In the dashboard and the services list, i can see the Hyper-V node and it is up and enabled. The problem is that when i try to launch an instance, i get an error : No Valid host was found. I uploaded a VHD image to glance and when i try again to launch instance, i get a disk space error. I am still confused on how should the VHD be created. Another thing, the instance at the spawning space is not getting an ip address and in the neutron logs i am getting a port binding error. Any help would be much appreciated.