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Public and Local network associated to instances?


We have installed vmagine on one of our hyperv host and are trying to do the following use case:

Instances should either have 2 NICs (1x public, 1x local) or just 1 NIC (1x public OR 1x local).

I have been trying to make the public network shared so that the “demo” tenant could use that network but so far, here are the issues I am facing:

  • When selecting only the public network, I get the proper public IP from the public’s subnet, but I am unable to ping the outside;
  • When I select both network (public and private) I only get the public network interface configured on the guest, no private interface is being shown up and still unable to ping the outside;
  • When I select only the local network, I’m getting a local IP from the local network and I’m able to reach the outside.

Floating IP is working fine, however, I’d like to get the public IP directly configured on the instance due to some compatibility issues we might be experiencing (software side).

Do you guys have any ideas on how to achieve this ?