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Hyper-V Compute

I have a three node Openstack setup with two nodes running Devstack on Ubuntu and one node with Hyper-V.

Both the Linux nodes are configured with OpenVSwitch and VLANs with the following config


All the communication between these two nodes is working fine and the new instances created are getting IP adress from the DHCP agent.

Coming to the third Hyper-V node, I have installed the Compute using the 2014.2.1 installer. The compute service is running perfectly. The instances are getting assigned properly and they are starting also. But, the challenge is with the network. They are not getting the IPs from the DHCP.

I have logged into the Hyper-V Manager where these instances are running and found out that the vSwitch which was selected in the installation is not getting assigned to the network adapter of the instance. If i add this manually, everything is working perfectly.

What could be the reason for Virtual Switch(myVSwitch is the virtual switch i created during installation) not getting associated with the new instances? Any ideas. My Hyper-V agent configuration is like this.

[DEFAULT] verbose=true controlexchange=neutron policyfile=C:\Program Files (x86)\Cloudbase Solutions\OpenStack\Nova\etc\policy.json rpcbackend=neutron.openstack.common.rpc.implkombu rabbithost= rabbitport=5672 rabbituserid=guest rabbitpassword=devstack logdir=C:\OpenStack\Log\ logfile=neutron-hyperv-agent.log [AGENT] pollinginterval=2 physicalnetworkvswitchmappings=*:myVSwitch enablemetricscollection=false [SECURITYGROUP] firewalldriver=neutron.plugins.hyperv.agent.securitygroupsdriver.HyperVSecurityGroupsDriver enablesecurity_group=false

Thanks & Regards Chandra