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user_data in MultipartMime is base64 encoded


Using HEAT Templating. I am trying to make use of OS::Heat::MultipartMime to send a Powershell script and PEM certificate as user_data.

My initial yaml file can be found here:

My script is based on these examples:


The problem I am having is that no matter what I subtype I set for the Powershell script, it is always base64 encoded and it is not executed by Cloudbase-Init. Please see the debug log for more info -->

I have tried setting the subtype to both x-shellscript and x-cfninitdata. With x-shellscript defined clousbase-init attempts to execute the script but does not decode it before execution and the execution fails.

I can get the script working if I "inline" the data and do not use MultipartMime:

My goal is to pass the certificate (to be used by the WinRM plugin) and a few shell scripts (to configure services and add this host to the domain) to the Windows Instance but I cannot find any examples of this.

Is this possible?