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No hosts availble error when launching Hyper-V guest

I have installed openstack via RDO and packstack.

I have two linux compute nodes and one linux control node. I also have one Microsoft server running hyper-v.

Installed the cloudbase hyper-v drivers and I can see the windows host in the hypervisor list and I can see it in the dashboard. So I uploaded a windows server ISO file and I set it's hypervisor type in the metadata to hyperv. When launching any instance of this image, it fails with the error that no hosts are available.

If I remove the hypervisor type meta data on the image, it loads but it loads onto one of the linux hypervisors. I want windows guests to run on hyper-v.

Any suggestions please?

An error I found in the nova scheduler log says that the filter removed all of the hosts BUT it only shows that I have two hosts (the two linux ones)

Filtering removed all hosts for the request with instance ID '1e31181b-28e5-4d94-bb86-16bec7f8718b'. Filter results: ['RetryFilter: (start: 2, end: 2)', 'AvailabilityZoneFilter: (start: 2, end: 2)', 'RamFilter: (start: 2, end: 2)', 'DiskFilter: (start: 2, end: 2)', 'ComputeFilter: (start: 2, end: 2)', 'ComputeCapabilitiesFilter: (start: 2, end: 2)', 'ImagePropertiesFilter: (start: 2, end: 0)']

Why does it only see 2 ? when there are 3 hypervisors ?