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Hyper-V instance resize


In our environment, we have an OpenStack Ocata controller and Clustered Microsoft Hyper-V nodes (Windows Server 2016 Datacenter). The compute management is made using the HyperVClusterDriver provided by and it works quite well. However, we are facing some - intermitent - problems during instance resizing. In some cases, it works ok, in another, it fails.

During the process, the virtual machine is removed from Failover Cluster and Hyper-V Manager and, if the process works good, imported again, with the new configuration. If the process fails, OpenStack sets ERROR in the instance status and didn't returns the instance to the hypervisor.

Based on that, there are some questions:

  1. Is it possible to configure the system to execute the process without removing and including the instance in the hypervisor? If not, is it possible to recreate/import the instance after the error?
  2. What are the configurations related to instance resize?

Thank you in advance.