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FreeRDP Webconnect and Openstack Train

Hello - I have upgraded from Stein to Train and am now running into an issue when attempting to connect to the console of any of my VMs. From the Horizon dashboard, I simply get the spinning wheel seemingly forever.

If I attempt to get the console URL via the openstack CLI, It times out with a 504 error, which I believe is being served by HAProxy in my case.

I believe I have tracked the issue to RabbitMQ - as I get in the RabbitMQ logs the following over and over until the 504 occurs:

[error] <0.4650.12> Channel error on connection <0.30933.11> ( ->, vhost: '/nova', user: 'nova'), channel 1:operation basic.publish caused a channel exception not_found: no exchange 'reply_7d8954179ba64f9795ba80aaae2bd5d9' in vhost '/nova'

I am curious if this is something I should troubleshoot further from a FreeRDP/Cloudbase perspective, or if this is an issue with my RabbitMQ configuration.

Any tips would be appreciated!