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Windows system shutdown in progress during userdata

I'm trying to deploy a Windows 2019 image onto our vcenter via terraform. Both metadata and userdata are making it to cloudbase, but networking isn't getting set up. From my understanding, there's 3 places that networking could be set up

  1. VMware customization - The documentation suggest this conflicts with cloud init and should be disabled. I'm not using the customization portion of the TF code so this should be disabled.
  2. Cloudbase-init metadata - According to the documentation of the vmware metadata service, networking isn't supported so I haven't configured networking here. If it is supported, I'm not sure what the format should look like.
  3. Cloudbase-init metadata - This is just running a powershell script and I've created some powershell commands to configure the network adapters.

3 is where I'm having trouble as the logs indicated that when it's running the script the command is getting the error "Cannot connect to CIM server. A system shutdown is in progress"

So my question is how can I set a static IP address on a windows vmware server? Or possibly, what's up with the system shutting down in the middle of running the userdata script?