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RunOnce Registry Keys with cloudbase-init

Hi Cloudbase,

I've to ideas for my environment Win2k12r2, Win2k16, and also Win2k19 where that Win2kxx I want to deploy an image on Openstack (RHOSP13) for the public image to the customers which when someone Launch a windows instance as automatically connect to licenses with our KMS Hosts. That is what I'm expected.

So, I already create and save a script with bat file automatically running and just once running when first starting up windows from this ref: . After that, I want these windows to want send as an image at Openstack so I install Cloudbase-init. Next, after installed automatically Cloudbase-init sent a shutdown, and after I run these windows again, my script on Regedit has gone and my purpose with that script is not running. I think maybe my script from Regedit has gone because of cloudbase-init.

We need your advice about my expectation, Thank you very much.

Regards, BSC