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cloudbase-init plugnis and network adapter

Hi experts, We are trying to use cloudbase-init with VMWARE and having issue where netwrok adapters get disabled/disconnected when we add additional plugins in cloudbase-init-unattended.conf and/or cloudbas-init.conf files. Please note that we are using this first time and the image/template works fine with default plugins which I don't know if being used OR not, since I don't know how to get this info. Here is summary of our test setup

1) VMWARE base Windows2016 server image with some hardening as per company policy 2) cloudbase-init installation as per 3) Then used this template in build via Red Hat Satellite Server 6.7

What we are finding that without custom plugins all works fine apart form DNS suffix is empty, which I imagine can be fixed using the cmdrun and/or userdata script. But issue is when we enable these plugins in the cloudbase-init-unattended.conf and cloudbase-init.conf files , the network adapters appear as disconnected. We are not sure whether we are lacking knowledge of using these plugins OR we are stuffing up something else without even realizing. Any pointers shall be greatly appreciated.

Kid Regards, Zia-ul-Hassan