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Windows 10 hostname issue

Hi, I am experiencing the issue where the sethostname plugin does execute, but the hostname is then overwritten by Windows to the random 'desktop-' prefixed name.

I have tried the workaround detailed in this following post, whereby you change the cloudbase-init-unattend run in Unattend.xml from "specialize" step to "oobesystem" - but that doesn't seem to work (I have tested on a couple of versions of Win 10 (2004, 20H2, 21H1) - should it work? If it should, what steps can I take to figure out why this config is not working for me?

Currently I am using another workaround to rename the computer using the localscripts plugin - but, this causes a reboot at an innopportune moment which is conflicting with other post-installation tasks.

Is there any kind of revised workaround on this, or do we still need to cobble together our own solution to this issue?