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Ceph for Windows - Volume Expansion

We're currently evaluating the Ceph for Windows driver and we've noticed a couple of limitations of the driver.

First, if the rbd volume size is increased on the backend; the ceph for windows driver does not automatically detect the change in available space. We have to unmount and remount the rbd, via the ceph for windows driver, for the increased space to be available to Windows. - Are you currently aware of this limitation? - Is this already on your roadmap to include in future release; or is this currently a correctable issue?

Second, it appears that the only keyring that can be used to connect the ceph for windows driver to the ceph backend is the admin keyring. This gives the Windows Host full permissions to Ceph. Am I doing something wrong or is this a current limitation of the driver? We would like to restrict the host to only be able to mount, unmount, read, and write to rbd volumes. I believe this could be controlled via a custom keyring but it doesn't appear that we can use any keyring except the admin keyring.