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generate-maas-compatible-image Sysprep Failing

Using the appropriate branch link text I end up getting to the VM stage and the first boot powershell prompt fails (it fails to quickly to read actually) and then boots fully to windows. At that point a powershell prompt opens and fails again saying ini.ps1 isnt allowed to execute due to permissions issue with Set-Executionpolicy. I have set in manually in the vm and tried running login, did the updates, and system syspreped, but it dont look like the cloud-init installed since I get this from maas after an attempt to install one of these images on a node

(Stdout: "Unable to find cloudbase-init.cfg.\nUnexpected error while running command.\nCommand: ['/tmp/tmpI66dEC/target/curtin/finalize']\nExit code: 2\nReason: -\nStdout: ''\nStderr: ''\n" Stderr: '')

Then after reboot maas says no kernel is available for the windows image and doesnt boot. But If i bypass pxe the windows install actually boots into a oobe, but doesnt work with maas. I suppose in the end if the powershell prompts executed with the proper executionpolicy during the vm sysprep phase the images would work with maas and I wouldnt have this issue. I am assuming I am just improperly running the deployment scripts. I hope someone can give me information on how to get this to execute properly with the appropriate permissions?