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Hyper-V neutron agent database configuration

I'm trying to configure HyperV as an OpenStack computer node using the Icehouse OpenStack compute installer. New VMs launch successfully, but are not connected to the configured network switch. The neutron agent logs contain messages with the format

Adding port port-guid

and no further logging is produced.

Looking at the source, device records without a 'port_id' are silently ignored. It appears that device records are fetched from the database, and any failure to fetch the port record returns a dummy record containing only the device id.

I cannot find any information on how to configure the database connection for the neutron agent, and the installer has no property for the connection string. I tried adding an entry to neutronhypervagent.conf

[database] connection=mysql://neutron:neutronpassword@controller/neutron

however this does not have any effect.

Does the neutron agent require a database connection, and if so, how should it be configured? If not, how is the device information retrieved and how should that be configured?