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OpenStack nodes as virtual machines on Hyper-V, issue setting promiscuous mode, unable to ping from external network


I am in middle of installing Openstack (Juno ) for first time using official installation guide but facing a blocker as mentioned below:

Issue Detail:

tenant router gateway has got the floating IP address from external network subnet but it is unreachable if I try to ping the IP from external network.


OpenStack : Juno 14.2 OS : Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS Nodes : Virtual Nodes over Hyper-V 2012

Port Mirroring enabled on external Network Adapter on Network Node: VM -> settings -> Network Adapter -> Advance Features -> Port Mirroring set to Destination -> Applied -> node restart.

I suspect the issue is related to not able to configure promiscuous mode on the external interface.

Thanks, Girish