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I have the log. How do I get it to you? Note that the command line used to boot the instance includes: --config-drive=true.

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Just making sure... I noticed that the config drive works if I boot the instance and run cloudbase-init from the command line, but it doesn't when run as a service when the instance first boots? Note, I am bypassing the included unattend.xml, thus solely depending on the service to all the work.

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Great! Any idea when the patch will be integrated in the installer?

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2015-02-17 17:40:33 +0300 asked a question Windows VFAT support

The current build of cloudbase-init we're using is oct-2014 and this does not support config drive in vfat format. I found a patch here:

I've tested this by installing cloudbase-init and then overlaying the python files, but this does not seem to work. The config drive shows up in Windows as an unrecognized disk. Not usable.

Has this patch been tested? (we are on Icehouse) If so, are there plans to integrate this into the MSI installer? We are in urgent need of getting this resolved.