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2015-05-18 06:07:37 +0200 asked a question MAAS & Windows 8.1 password issue

Have been able to make a windows server 2012 r2 image that works great with maas and the curtin installer, but when I try with windows 8.1 ent the password that is generated and installed does not work on first boot. I have looked at the unattend file that gets generated and the password that I want to use is there but it doesnt work when the image gets installed on the server. Also strange is the fact that the account name is Admin for windows 8.1 but is Administrator for server 2012 r2. I have a feeling it has something to due with the unattend file settings but just dont know what to adjust it to to get it to work. Any help would be great. Thank you again.

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2015-04-15 16:11:29 +0200 answered a question generate-maas-compatible-image Sysprep Failing

Sorry for the late response, work has kept me away. I have some screen shots of the errors but says I need 10 points to post images so I will just describe them for now. Specilize.ps1, ini.psm1. and firstlogon.ps1 all pop up with the powershell error "not digitally signed unauthorizedaccess". This is the case for all versions of windows 8,8.1,10 preview, server 2012, 2012r2. I figured out a temp work around which was to add "unblock-file -path /pathtoselfandotherscripts" at the begging of each of the powershell scripts I included the location to the running script and anything else the script called for when it ran. I am not sure if there is a better way of running this but this was the only way I could properly get the ddtgz images so that maas would deploy them properly. As a side note server 2008r2 does not recognize "unblock-file -path" as this must be a new powershell command. So I am still trying to find a way to create server 2008r2 and windows 7 images.

2015-04-12 03:51:18 +0200 asked a question generate-maas-compatible-image Sysprep Failing

Using the appropriate branch link text I end up getting to the VM stage and the first boot powershell prompt fails (it fails to quickly to read actually) and then boots fully to windows. At that point a powershell prompt opens and fails again saying ini.ps1 isnt allowed to execute due to permissions issue with Set-Executionpolicy. I have set in manually in the vm and tried running login, did the updates, and system syspreped, but it dont look like the cloud-init installed since I get this from maas after an attempt to install one of these images on a node

(Stdout: "Unable to find cloudbase-init.cfg.\nUnexpected error while running command.\nCommand: ['/tmp/tmpI66dEC/target/curtin/finalize']\nExit code: 2\nReason: -\nStdout: ''\nStderr: ''\n" Stderr: '')

Then after reboot maas says no kernel is available for the windows image and doesnt boot. But If i bypass pxe the windows install actually boots into a oobe, but doesnt work with maas. I suppose in the end if the powershell prompts executed with the proper executionpolicy during the vm sysprep phase the images would work with maas and I wouldnt have this issue. I am assuming I am just improperly running the deployment scripts. I hope someone can give me information on how to get this to execute properly with the appropriate permissions?