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Thanks for the input. I've managed to get the random password set by using nova get-password so it seems to work as normal. But it seems that even after a normal boot no more plugins are run. But maybe I haven't set the correctly. I'm using the HP CSA Foundation to trigger an instance.

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I've managed to find out a bit more. Even if a set a admin password when launching the instance it creates a random one based on the keypair. I've managed to get it using nova get-password fine so that part is probably OK. But the config image is still mapped to the VM, shouldn't that be removed after cloud.init has finished?

2015-09-03 12:26:25 +0300 asked a question cloud-init seems stuck

During a deployment of a windows image it seems that the cloud-init part isn't finishing as it should. The config image is still mounted in the VM and the logfile cloudbase-init-unattend has the setting hostname line and then Deleting metadata folder c:\windows\temp*** as the last two rows. The password for admin isn't set either. Anyone that has some input on how to troubleshoot?

The cloud-init ver is 0.9.9.dev29 but I've also tried the stable one 0.9.8 but the same issue occur.