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2014-08-05 04:16:04 +0300 asked a question Issues building on Trusty and missing virtio drivers

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your scripts - very useful! I also like the wsman stuff.

I'm attempting to do this build on an Ubuntu Trusty host (actually nested on an Ubuntu Precise cloud ;-), but I've run into a couple of issues...

For one, when you create the qcow2 file, because Trusty is using Qemu 2.0 we end up with a compat=1.1 qcow2 file (default since 1.7), that won't work with, e.g., an Ubuntu Precise cloud (or probably any cloud out there are the moment as I doubt any are on Qemu > 1.5). Fix for that is to just add the following to the qemu-img create command: -o compat="0.10".

The other is that I seem to end up with an image that is missing the virtio drivers, despite attaching the ISO at boot. It looks like your specialize script is supposed to perform this install? But is it necessary to do the install in a guest environment that has virtio devices present (the example kvm command line does not).