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2014-08-19 22:33:52 +0300 answered a question win 2012 image on OpenStack with qemu gives bsod errror

It looks like you're missing the virtio drivers. Re-launch your VM outside OpenStack or change glance properties to change the disk driver.

What I usually do is:

  • re-run the VM on my virt-manager
  • attach 2 new devices (disk and nic) and the add a new cdrom with
  • run the VM and go to the Device Manager and install the drivers
2014-08-06 17:24:53 +0300 answered a question Issues building on Trusty and missing virtio drivers

I had the exact same problem with the virtio drivers. So after the initial installation I had to attach 1 virtio disk and 1 virtio nic and installed the driver manually from windows itself. The weirdest thing is that I only did that for 2012R2, with a 2008 image I didn't have this problem. The installation finished and windows installed the drivers during his first boot sequence.

This is weird...

Anyway I believe that we can automate everything with the Autounattend floopy and then use another floopy drive to store the driver files.