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Thanks a lot guys, you were right ;) I was doing it wrong since the begining and the help provided saved me ;) (I was giving admin_pass in the user_data not in a meta argument, again thanks. Now final question, how to set correctly networking in the instance using cloudbase network plugin ?

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If you have set Administrator as the default username, its password will be randomly generated by cloudbase-init or taken from the metadata service.

The problem here is that the password is never taken from the metadata. This is why after 2min cloudbaseinit reset it for the user Administrator, but this is not what we want to.

Thank you for the delay explanation; we are using http metadata, my powershell script is executing well but after it ends, cloudbaseinit reset the admin password. I would like to make my inject password through metadata working, can you help ?

Here are 3 examples of the configurations I tried ;) ; each times I get the admin password reset at the end of the cloudinit exec, I would like to ensure metadata password injection is working and activating rdp too for example.

If you could help or share your working examples it would be really appreciated. Also I would like to set network differently than this: (by uising cloudbase init network module, can you show me how ? ) :


Set-Content -Path "C:\TESTINIT.txt" -Value "Welcome to an OpenStack Windows instance" Import-Module NetAdapter \$winnetadapter2 = Get-NetAdapter -Name 'Ethernet 2' \$winnetadapter2 | Set-NetIPInterface -DHCP Disabled \$winnetadapter2 | New-NetIPAddress -AddressFamily IPv4 -IPAddress $publicNetworkFreeIpLocked -PrefixLength 24 -DefaultGateway X.X.X.X \$winnetadapter2 | Set-DnsClientServerAddress -ServerAddresses route delete Set-Content -Path "C:\TESTEND.txt" -Value "Init scripts done"

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Hi everyone,

I've played a lot with your cloudbase init product, thanks for this. But I m facing an issue, from the moment I set Administrator on cloudbase-init, on our cloud the cloudbase-init is working well but 3min after the session is opened; the Administrator user password get auto-reseted by cloudbase-init.

We may be doing something bad as when the instance first boot asks for a new password even without asking the old password which should be the one from the metadata.

Can you help me finding a solution on how to correctely set cloudbase-init to fit my purpose ?

Will be much appreciated.

Best regards,