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2016-07-09 15:47:05 +0300 commented question ERROR (Forbidden): Policy doesn't allow compute_extension:server_password to be performed.

Hi, please let me know if you solve the problem. I have encountered it too! Contacted Bluemix support and currently awaiting for an answer

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2015-11-06 11:18:29 +0300 answered a question Looking for Windows Server 2008R2 images

Hi, I managed to create the image myself as you suggested. I was failing in the process due to defining the wrong disk controller for the VM images.

The best step-by-step instructions I found for creating a openstack-compatible hardware are at this address. Once that is done, we can sysprep+cloudinit the image.


2015-11-02 20:21:42 +0300 asked a question Looking for Windows Server 2008R2 images

Hi, I am looking for Windows Server 2008R2 Evaluation image. I tried myself preparing an image using cloud-init but I think I made a mess... so would be great if anyone could point me to a link for downloading the KVM image just like the ones provided on for Windows Server 2012. Of course with all the proper legal agreements and such!