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2016-01-06 08:08:38 +0300 asked a question error plugin 'ConfigWinRMListenerPlugin' failed with error

We had made instance whose os was Windows server 2008R2. When we attempt to connect that instance though Remote Desktop from client, an internal error has occurred.

Then we fount that error massage on openstack dashboard as below.

ERROR Cloudbaseinit.init plugin 'ConfigWinRMListenerPlugin' failed with error (-2147023143, '?????? ??????????', None, None) (I think that We use japanese font, then font was broken.)

Is this error message associated with RDP internal error? if the answer was yes, how we solve this RDP error? (Ping between instance with client is OK, Port tcp 3389 is OK, We had rebooted instance, But the error was occurred)