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2016-01-08 12:57:00 +0300 asked a question v-magine - Server 2016 TP4 - warning: could not boot

Hi All, I am attempting to run v-magine on a 2016 TP4 build.

It is a bare server with just the Hyper-V role installed and a single External vSwitch. I have done nothing else except install the role and setup the vSwitch. The vSwitch shares the management interface and has a DHCP IP address.

I run through the wizard and the process begins, the openstack internal and private vswitches are created, I see the openstack controller booting, but after some time the process errors. In the controller, I see this on the last two lines of the logs:

%G[ OK ] Mounted Configuration File System. dracut-initqueue[996]: Warning: Could not boot.

and an error appears on the host, 'Unable to deploy the controller VM. Make sure that DHCP is enabled on the .... network and that the repository ... is accessible'

I have confirmed that this is available from the host machine. The external vSwitch is shared with management and this has a DHCP address and I can access the repository from this machine.

Any pointers please? I have tried changing the floating IP ranges and DNS servers, with no joy.

Kind Regards, Tony.