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2016-02-29 19:13:30 +0300 commented answer Windows 10 Hostname not being set

Hi, Thanks for this, I managed to work around this by removing the ,cloudbaseinit.plugins.common.sethostname.SetHostNamePlugin plugin from cloudbase-init-unattend.conf and setting the cloudbase-init service to manual and using post-sysprep script to reset it to auto. I guess your workaround is best

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2016-02-26 18:54:39 +0300 answered a question ImageUnacceptable: Unsupported image format: qcow2


I am not sure what you mean.

We are KVM with Ceph. Best image format to is is qcow2 due to copy on write support and other features. vhdx would cause us all sorts of issues.

i downloaded a qcow2 image from the cloudbase website and hostname rename works fine.

Am i missing something here?



2016-02-26 16:34:15 +0300 answered a question Windows 10 Hostname not being set

Here is the cloudbase-init logs

Here is the cloudbase-init-unattend logs

And here is the sysprep logs



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2016-02-25 15:29:57 +0300 answered a question rearming cloudbase

Thanks a lot for the quick response.

There's two really useful tidbits of information there.

2016-02-25 14:47:16 +0300 asked a question rearming cloudbase


If you rearm cloudbase by deleting the following registry key

HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cloudbase Solutions\Cloudbase-Init

Then when you next try to login after a reboot the retrieved password doesn't work.

Tried this on Windws 10.



2016-02-25 14:32:48 +0300 asked a question Windows 10 Hostname not being set


I am trying to build a windows 10 (1511) image on Cloudstack.

Running windows update and then installing Cloudbase-init using the built in unattend xml.

It creates the new Admin account but does not change the hostname?

Is there any command I can run in %WINDIR%\Setup\Scripts\SetupComplete.cmd to work around this?

If I delete HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cloudbase Solutions and reboot it does change the hostname.

Tried adding the following to %WINDIR%\Setup\Scripts\SetupComplete.cmd

reg delete /f "HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cloudbase Solutions" shutdown -r -t 0

But it doesn't help (it just prevents me from using the newly created Admin account).

Any ideas?, I am pulling my hair out!!!!!!