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2017-06-06 18:20:49 +0300 commented answer Building Win2016 VHDx using blog's doc

I don't think so as the NAT support in the vSwitch is still pretty new and in my experience is a bit wonky. The DORAs I would think would egress your configured vSwitch so assuming you have a DHCP server on the outside listening?

2017-06-06 18:15:00 +0300 answered a question Building Win2016 VHDx using blog's doc

Are you behind a proxy? Seems like the live updates may be failing.

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2017-04-27 00:07:04 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

Will do. Bit of PTO this week, but will test next.

2017-04-11 15:14:28 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

Is there a patchId for the fix I could snag and see if it covers it? If not I can hold tight, but figured I could make the best of the down time before the push is complete.

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2017-04-10 20:17:00 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

That 32773 seems to reference a bad param ( but couldn't find any more details on what params were used in evtLogs.

2017-04-10 20:00:58 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

From Nova and trimmed to fit comment max. HyperVException: WMI job failed with status 10. Error details: Failed to add device 'Physical Disk Drive'. - 'instance-0000048b' failed to add device 'Physical Disk Drive'. (Virtual machine ID ...) - Error code: 32773

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@lpetrut any additional thoughts on this one?

2017-04-06 15:28:55 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

And compute version

2017-04-06 15:28:25 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

Man feel like a dunce now as there is some solid info in there. including the session expire error. I don't have an A record for this lab and it is not a domain member, but maybe just create a hosts entry if the hostname isn't cutting it?

2017-04-06 15:13:56 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

Ahh I follow now. Honestly didn't even think of checking Nova since it was all volume work, but makes more sense now. We'll try to remote in and take a look.

2017-04-06 14:51:17 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

On pto till next week, but we'll try to grab versions and any Nova logs that corelate to the attach events when I am back in the office.

2017-04-06 14:49:33 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

Not sure on that, but it's the mitaka release? I had tested using hv manager to try and attach the vmdk and that's where I noticed it would fail if the g1 vm's were on. I know I need to set the metadata for g2. I'd there any more granular debugging in cinder?

2017-04-05 22:20:42 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

So I figured out one err... using gen1s and you can't attach when powered on. so I need to handle that better as the smbfs driver seems to just do a terminate with no error. After powering down though I get the same wmi session err even w \\hostname\share$

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2017-04-05 17:14:29 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

I had the same thought yesterday, but it didn't resolve the core issue with the attach. I am not getting the WMI error so that is good. Likely in my TP5 test I was using hostname, but used localhost in the deploy script thinking it wouldn't matter.

2017-04-04 18:25:59 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

I mean honestly I don't even want to use the SMB share which I thought the mitaka driver handled internally to make the S2D lookup try local first.

2017-04-04 18:12:28 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

And added a debug=true statement to the conf and oddly I did bsod the box, but after booting still getting the context error.

2017-04-04 17:53:48 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

Flipped on verbose in cinder-volume-smb.conf and nothing really enlightening.

2017-04-04 15:11:22 +0300 commented answer Cinder local loopback

Nope just a local SMB share configured as //localhost/Cinder$ no CSV or anything complex. Just trying to use the local storage in the box. I will flip on debug as the local cinder-volume-smb just contains the above over and over.

2017-03-31 20:32:04 +0300 asked a question Cinder local loopback

I am using cinder AZs to expose local disk for volume services running on a Hyper-V 2016 instance. Using the mitaka cinder driver it can do the local detect (for S2D efficiency) which works most of the time. But after a while I will start getting what I would imagine is a token expiration that breaks attaching volumes to instances.

2017-03-31 13:07:02.532 3436 ERROR cinder.volume.drivers.remotefs [req-9695f713-81a8-4b0e-b04f-1b9d26f9bf2e - - - - -] Exception during mounting Unable to mount SMBFS share: \localhost\Cinder$ WMI exception: <x_wmi: a="" specified="" logon="" session="" does="" not="" exist.="" it="" may="" already="" have="" been="" terminated.="" &gt;<="" p="">

I am betting I just need to do a more precise configuration in my New-SmbShare with perms or something, but wasn't sure. And HV server is a bit of a black box so harder to track down might might be going on. As a note volume creation and nova ops all work, but that attachment is what is blowing up.

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2017-01-26 17:36:27 +0300 marked best answer OVS bridge patching for Neutron

Was having issues w DHCP and metadata from our controller and found Discovers are broadcast on br-int, but watching br-tun where the vxlan tunnel ports are connected I don't see the broadcasts reflected. What am I missing here?

Port patch-tun
Interface patch-tun
type: patch
Port patch-int
Interface patch-int
type: patch
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2017-01-06 19:03:12 +0300 answered a question behind a proxy

So looks to be a defect in the install_rally script with the latest setuptools.

Updated to that patched copy and no issues. @Alin you may want to update your link in the Hyper-V v KVM posts.

2017-01-06 15:01:32 +0300 asked a question behind a proxy

So tried combinations of exports (lower and upper), wgetrcs, etc and not getting very far.

When the virtualenv-191 installer chains off to get setuptools it basically hangs.

Any obvious things I am missing?

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2016-12-21 15:07:02 +0300 answered a question sysprep - windows rearm/update issues

Thus far I am having some pretty good success on not sysprepping and having to worry about rearm if I need to do an unseal/reseal operation. Doesn't mean that I won't stumble across some rogue software that relies on machine sid for key identity processes, but going ok thus far.

The manual says sysprep for all clones I get it, but as others have talked about in this forum even Russinovich leaves it a bit open ended.

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2016-12-20 22:28:26 +0300 commented answer Suggestions on a Cirros like test image

Nano image building isn't the problem... more the current licensing stuff etc. Hopefully they will toss the community a bone so you can make an "eval" copy for Nano as well.

2016-12-20 22:27:47 +0300 commented answer Suggestions on a Cirros like test image

Nice! I didn't know the Cirros image even existed. That's a huge help since it is similar to what I already have for KVM. Reading through their feature request I know it isn't as straightforward as a couple modules. Maybe they could make a branch and accept your pulls officially though.

2016-12-20 21:54:28 +0300 asked a question Suggestions on a Cirros like test image

So for my KVM nodes I can always spin up cirros and do some quick checks on key services. For hyper-v what could be a solid ultra simple corollary? Unsure if Nano will have a licensing model to allow for that type of usage. I found an old request from apilotti in 2013 on the Cirros backlog, but no action so not optimistic there.

I know I can use the full Cloudbase images, but they are quite large so they make for a lengthy qualification run. Seeing what others may be using as a micro image.

Thinking publicly available would be an ubuntu cloud image which will have the hyper-v support. And I can likely create my own nano vhd for my rough testing?

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2016-11-18 15:32:01 +0300 commented answer Cloudbase-init 0.9.9 timing and sysprep

My lab is currently on paper tape storage so Glance ops have caused a few issues, but I will give that a shot in a bit after I see if I can get some hardware made in this millenia. I manually reboot around that 08:29 time

2016-11-17 18:19:39 +0300 commented answer Cloudbase-init 0.9.9 timing and sysprep

Yeah was trying to link 2016-11-17 11:02:57.096 5700 INFO neutron.plugins.ml2.drivers.openvswitch.agent.ovs_neutron_agent [req-... - - -] Configuration for devices up [u'99028ab7-d919-45eb-9350-3bffb7feef31'] and devices down [] completed to the nova event. And yeah going GA is on my backlog.

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2016-11-17 17:54:37 +0300 commented answer Cloudbase-init 0.9.9 timing and sysprep

Know of a way I could confirm the time when the plugging was complete in neutron to try and paint a picture? The plugging completing (or timing out) may be what allows device detect to end and shift to ready.

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2016-11-17 17:25:28 +0300 commented answer Cloudbase-init 0.9.9 timing and sysprep

So because this is back in neutron its hard to manage this in guest. The fact Server is showing devdetect tells me though there may be some status that cb-init could halt and wait for though?

2016-11-17 17:23:29 +0300 commented answer Cloudbase-init 0.9.9 timing and sysprep

This is on the Liberty driver today, but pushing on my team to upgrade to Mitaka hopefully soon and this is a WinSrv16 TP5. It has been inconsistent so makes sense that maybe neutron is just slow to respond. Don't think a backport is merited in this case, but helps to understand the cause.