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I am running V-Magine OpenStack Installer on MacBook Pro with Windows Server 2012 R2 installed via Bootcamp. The installation process keeps hanging after a few minutes after start of start and logs usally reach on of these lines:

[ 110.885031] hvnetvsc vmbus14: Device MAC fa:16:3e:a8:ec:10 link state up
[ 112.172712] hvnetvsc: hvnetvsc channel opened successfully
[ 128.477971] hvnetvsc vmbus15: Send section size: 6144, Section count:2560
[ 128.830666] hvnetvsc vmbus15: Device MAC fa:16:3e:73:48:5d link state up
[ 129.181342] hvnetvsc: hvnetvsc channel opened successfully
[ 145.583111] hvnetvsc vmbus16: Send section size: 6144, Section count:2560
[ 145.747853] hvnetvsc vmbus16: Device MAC fa:16:3e:42:1a:ac link state up
[ 146.198320] input: Microsoft Vmbus HID-compliant Mouse as /devices/virtual/input/input4
[ 146.595274] hid-generic 0006:045E:0621.0001: input: <unknown> HID v0.01 Mouse [Microsoft Vmbus HID-compliant Mouse] on

I have earlier installed by mistake and then removed 'HyperVNovaComputeKilo2015_1'.

What should I do to sucessfully install OpenStack?

Thanks, Jacek