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> Solves the problem! thank you. Please add this as the main answer, because that was the initial problem I assume.

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I followed the repo instructions. They work fine with the default options (.\NewNanoServerImage.ps1 -IsoPath $isoPath -TargetPath $targetPath -AdministratorPassword $password), but as soon as I add the switch: -Platform "KVM" It fails. See:

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I just followed your descriptions on: to set up a kvm based Nano Server image. The build failed with the error "dism /Add-Driver failed for path: $driverPath" with Driver path referring to "D:\Balloon\w10\amd64"

-> this path seems to be hardcoded somewhere, but I don't find where the "D:" comes from. the Ballon is part of a DriverExtension list. -> I don't know what would be the purpose of the Balloon folder and the others in the list. Is it expected to have further files prepared for the build - apart from providing a path to the WindowsServer2016 image? I am using the TP5 image.

Following the repo readme instructions with with the default options produces a valid HyperV image (vhdx): .\NewNanoServerImage.ps1 -IsoPath $isoPath -TargetPath $targetPath -AdministratorPassword $password)

As soon as I add the switch: -Platform "KVM" It fails. See:

The breaking point seems to be:

Installing 1 of 1 - G:\Balloon\w10\amd64\balloon.inf: Error - The driver package contains x64 boot-critical drivers, but the drivers are not properly signed.
Use the /forceunsigned option to install the drivers.

I assume I need to disable the signature check for drivers - It would be good if this would be documented somewhere.