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2016-12-03 08:03:54 +0300 asked a question Hang during install

I cant get passed this point on the installation, looks like its stopping at one of the NICs.

See above image, this is the point where the install hangs, this shot is from the console of the VM, but its the same point in the wizard where it hangs as well.

Any advice?

Thanks, Joel

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I am having the same issue, did you ever solve this?

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2016-09-29 01:36:30 +0300 commented answer Setting up VMagine behind corporate proxy/firewall

Yes there is a DHCP server on the network.But its erroring in the UI, before i even type in any IP address information i get a popup in the UI saying "error" that i can click ok to. The same popup comes when when i get to the last step as well

2016-09-29 01:12:47 +0300 commented answer Setting up VMagine behind corporate proxy/firewall

Could you please also update you tool to "not" put passwords int he log file, or obfuscate them at least?

2016-09-29 01:12:04 +0300 commented answer Setting up VMagine behind corporate proxy/firewall

Still have an issue, i think this from the GUI trying to connect to something i have error popups and can see errors in log about not being able to connect even after updating this proxy value I have remove the passwords form the log

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2016-09-24 10:40:42 +0300 asked a question Setting up VMagine behind corporate proxy/firewall


I am trying to install v-magine on a machine that is behind a corporate firewall, all traffic must go out via a proxy server on our network.

And I am getting an error on the first install step and assuming this is why.

Is there any option to configure it to use a proxy server?

Thanks, Joel