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Hi Adrian, thanks for your reply. I've tried it with two different ways. 1. sourced debian interface config file 2. network_data.json file (with no reference in the meta_data.json) here are my two config drives: Thanks alot, Markus

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2016-09-26 14:27:23 +0300 asked a question static network configuration via Configdrive

I'm trying to get the static network configuration applied, but hasn't worked yet. I've tried it the same way as described here: In the log-files I see an "ERROR - Permissions denied" on the cached metadata folder withing C:\Windows\Temp\tmp*

So I've tried to get it work with the network_data.json file. But it seems that these information aren't recognized.

The content of my ConfigDrive is here: My configuration of cloudbase-init is here: and the log-files can be found here:

Do you have any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks alot, Markus