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etc.. Can openstack to sysprep windows machine during deployment? If yes how and when it does the sysprep? Thanks.

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Also I have another one question: How to deploy Windows VM from VMware template by openstack (VMware Template = clean golden image without sysprep!), so the deployed Windows VM would be syspreped, with beautiful new hostname and IP address?

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Very thanks for quick response, again :), Okay, that's great to know these things, Also now I already know where was the problem with my re-converted image. So I'll create golden image and if I'll be forced to make any changes in image, I'll create antoher one from golden. Again Very thanks Adrian.

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Very thanks for quick response, I don't want to automate this process.

I mean this case:

  1. Install VM with windows os
  2. Install Cloudbase-init and run sysprep / then shutdown
  3. Convert VM into VMware template
  4. Discover template by openstack and use it as image

But when I want to make change in this template how can I do that? I mean this:

  1. Convert template back to VM and run it
  2. Make some changes in VM / then shutdown
  3. Convert back to template / to use it in openstack as image.

Is this way ok?Or should I run sysprep manually when I convert template back to VM?

Also, can you help me with understanding Cloudbase workflow? When I Create VM with Windows and just install cloudbase-init then shutdown, is this way good? Or Is needed more? I mean can you fully explain steps, how to make Windows image? As I wrote above, Just steps.

Thanks Michail

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2016-12-16 16:47:29 +0200 asked a question sysprep - windows rearm/update issues

Hello, My question regarding to this " updating windows images sysprep "

I want to update openstack windows-server image which was created recently but when I convert this template to VM and turn it on, do some things/commands etc. and convert it back to template I can see issue like this:

  1. Deployed Windows-server has same machine ID as template's ID (seems like a sysprep didn't run) a.k.a each new server will have same machine ID

In question, asked before (which I regarding to) is mentioned that before shutdown and convert back to template I must Delete CloudBase registry and also run sysprep with shutdown option.

Also, Can Someone explain me full windows-based image creation? I've read all the documentation to cloudbase-init but I still not fully undestood the concept.

Question about cloudbase config:

  1. In default cloudbase configuration I can see Unnatend.xml where is this section? <component name="Microsoft-Windows-PnpSysprep" .....="" what="" command="" this="" "microsoft-windows-pnpsysprep"="" calls?<="" p="">

  2. How can I automate process of auto-syspreping also Cloudbase registry removing,, when I convert image to VM and back? Is it possible, at all.

  3. Please simply describe me right approach for creating template/image for openstack.

Basic info:

  • Openstack Kilo
  • VMware 5.5 hypervisor
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

Thanks. :)