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2017-01-26 01:00:38 +0200 commented answer doubts on Cloudbase Open vSwitch driver

OK After installing Cloudbase paragliding Open vSwitch ™ (OVS) for Windows ® You must also install the Hyper-V ™ OpenStack Compute Driver? Thank you

2017-01-19 13:49:59 +0200 answered a question Live Migration fails with Hyper-V Error

Mario okay?

Can you integrate hyper-v with openstack using ovs?

Do you have any tutorials to help me?

thank you

2017-01-18 14:47:49 +0200 answered a question doubts on Cloudbase Open vSwitch driver

Hi aserdean

So I have to install the 2 driver below, to use openstack with ovs? What is the installation order?

OpenStack ™ Hyper-V Compute Driver


Cloudbase Open vSwitch ™ (OVS) for Windows®


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2017-01-13 17:32:55 +0200 asked a question doubts on Cloudbase Open vSwitch driver

Hello I have a question about the hyper-v driver, Do I need to also install the Cloudbase Open vSwitch driver? Or do not need

I'm using neutron with ovs

Thank you