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Thanks. One more question -- is it possible to run a Hyper-V hypervisor within a cluster which is using nova-network HA mode for the other hypervisors? ie, i'm configured like this: Centos KVM hypervisors running in nova-network HA mode, with dnsmasq and nova network on each host add a hyper-v hypervisor -- can this host run nova-network also? Also, I see according to the release notes, Juno added support for Neutron multi host. Does this work with Hyper V yet? thanks-

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Flat networking is fine. (does that include flatDHCP?) We do not need any of those other features. I remain shocked that any customer would want to run a networking technology that forces all traffic through a central network node. Once Neuton has HA support, we will switch.

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Alessandro stated:

" Alessandro PilottiFebruary 6, 2014 at 15:20Reply

Since nova-network has been deprecated, all of our networking work for Hyper-V is concentrated on Neutron. The Nova driver supports flat networking (static and dhcp), but if need VLANs, L3 and other more advanced features Neutron becomes a requirement.

This is unclear - does OpenStack on Hyper-V support nova-networking (non neutron) or not? Nova-network is in fact still being updated, even for Juno, due to Neutron's continued lack of feature parity.