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2014-11-25 01:45:13 +0300 answered a question How to troubleshoout wsgate being not responsive?

Hi Guys,

I have the same problem with HTTPS, it crashes within a few seconds of starting to serve websockets data. HTTP works 100% fine and is stable.

Any resolution for this would be fantastic. Happy to pay for it!

Thanks, Will

2014-11-18 06:41:49 +0300 asked a question Windows FreeRDP-WebConnect and SSL


I installed the FreeRDP-WebConnect installer from and it works great. The only problem is when configured with SSL the connections constantly drop out and then SSL requests are no longer answered at all. I've tested this both with the provided server.crt certificate and with a valid .pem certificate.

Over SSL loading the login page works 100%, but once it passes to websockets it will only work for a few seconds (and sometimes not even that much) before hanging.

Even after SSL dies accessing on port 80 still works 100% and there are no issues with it at all.

I tried updating to the latest openssl release for Windows and that made no difference unfortunately.

Any help would be appreciated as we really need to be able to run this over SSL.

Cheers, Will