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2014-11-29 06:19:06 +0200 commented answer copyimage script not working

The results of the net use command were New connections will be remembered There are no entries on the list The test file worked There was no win2012hvr2 folder in /var/lib/maas/samba so I created it and I can see both that and the test file on windows and the maas vm but the copyimagetomaas is still not doing anything no errors either As a test I copied the .wim file into the samba folder with no problems, I can see it on both sides, When I ran the create image script the file it outputted for the wim was Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 SERVERHYPERCORE.wim I believe its correct, from taking a look at the copy image script it does not seem to be creating any of the new folders either, any ideas?

2014-11-28 05:16:51 +0200 asked a question copyimage script not working

Hi I have built a maas vm and everything is setup properly except when I run the copyimage script nothing happens and I get not errors, im able to access the samba share from windows and I have ran the copy-item command on a test file and it copies the file I can see it on windows but from the Linux vm im not able to, any ideas?

Using windows 8.1