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Thanks a lot for the bug report (w.r.o. the BSOD).

There are a couple of reasons why the extension fails to be enabled properly:

  1. Enabling the OVS extension on multiple Hyper-V vSwitches.

  2. Trying to install the wrong driver on a different platform (i.e. you install the family 8 driver on 9/10 family).

  3. Having multiple OVS drivers installed. In theory when you enable the extension it should pick the most recent one but that doesn't always happen.

Since you mentioned you are trying out 2.9: Cloudbase Solutions Srl Version : 2.7.4 should not be there, so I'm guessing you are in the 3rd case.

Issue the command:

pnputil.exe -e

this will give a listing with all the installed drivers and versions. In my case it is the following:

Published name :            oem10.inf
Driver package provider :   Cloudbase Solutions Srl
Class :                     Network Service
Driver date and version :   01/06/2019 ****
Signer name :               ****

Please remove all entries of the OVS driver before you install/reinstall. You can remove the entries by issuing:

pnputil.exe -d oem<number.>.inf

In my case:

pnputil.exe -d oem10.inf