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Proxmox Windows Server 2016

asked 2018-09-22 20:07:57 +0300

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Hello all,

My hypervisors are proxmox 5.2. Proxmox provide the option to attach a Cloud-init image with extension qcow2. I set the option citype=configdrive2 because I'm trying to get the metadata from using the ConfigDrive meta_service.

The information I'm trying to set is Username, Password, DNS Server and IP configuration. The cloudbase-init installation was done using the binary stable version.

cloudbase-init-unattended file:


Maybe the problem is the qcow2 image with the meta data, because proxmox is creating by default the cloud init data with qcow2 and not ISO or VFAT.

Thanks in advance

let me know if more information is provided

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answered 2018-11-14 09:13:33 +0300

cdstg gravatar image

Hi I managed to get the networking part working except for the DNS servers

The problem was that the shorting names ( eg the DOS compatible names ) meant that cloud-base was not reading the ISO file

I have also managed to get some of the other things working like Hostname etc but that is another issues and I m still working on it

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