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Cannot boot Windows Server 2012 R2 on Devstack installation

asked 2018-10-25 13:32:16 +0300

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I have a fresh installation of Devstack on 32 GB Ram and 2TB server, I followed the steps mentioned in here link:

and chose KVM Hypervisor. The Instance was never able to boot and it displays the error code 500 "No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available.". I'm pretty sure I have enough resources to run the VM because I basically used non of the resources for any other machine. Does anyone have an Idea what the problem here is ? I used the command nova --debug boot --flavor 2 --image "Windows Server 2012 R2 Std Eval" --key-name windows MyWindowsInstance

and got the following results

DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v1password = swiftclient.authv1:PasswordLoader') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('tokenendpoint = openstackclient.api.authplugin:TokenEndpoint') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('noauth = cinderclient.contrib.noauth:CinderNoAuthLoader') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v2token = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.v2:Token') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('none = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.noauth:NoAuth') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3oauth1 = keystoneauth1.extras.oauth1.loading:V3OAuth1') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('admintoken = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.admintoken:AdminToken') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3oidcauthcode = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.v3:OpenIDConnectAuthorizationCode') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v2password = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.v2:Password') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3samlpassword = keystoneauth1.extras.saml2.loading:Saml2Password') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3password = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.v3:Password') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3adfspassword = keystoneauth1.extras.saml2.loading:ADFSPassword') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3oidcaccesstoken = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.v3:OpenIDConnectAccessToken') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3oidcpassword = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.v3:OpenIDConnectPassword') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3kerberos = keystoneauth1.extras.kerberos.loading:Kerberos') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('token = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.generic:Token') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3oidcclientcredentials = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.v3:OpenIDConnectClientCredentials') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3tokenlessauth = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.v3:TokenlessAuth') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3token = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.v3:Token') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3totp = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.v3:TOTP') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3applicationcredential = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.v3:ApplicationCredential') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('password = keystoneauth1.loading.plugins.identity.generic:Password') DEBUG (extension:189) found extension EntryPoint.parse('v3fedkerb = keystoneauth1.extras.kerberos.loading:MappedKerberos') DEBUG (session:448) REQ: curl -g -i -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" -H "User-Agent: nova keystoneauth1/3.11.0 python-requests/2.19.1 CPython/2.7.12" DEBUG (connectionpool:205) Starting new HTTP connection (1): DEBUG (connectionpool:393) "GET /identity/v3 HTTP/1.1" 200 254 DEBUG (session:479) RESP: [200] Connection: close Content-Length: 254 Content-Type ... (more)

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answered 2018-10-26 14:39:19 +0300

lpetrut gravatar image

Check your schedulers logs to see if Nova managed to find a suitable host for the instance, and if not, why. If the scheduler did find a compute host, you may want to check the nova-compute service logs. If nova-compute fails to spawn the instance and there are no other hosts that the scheduler may choose as a fallback, you'll get the same error.

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