BSOD when trying to boot or install any Windows VMs

asked 2014-08-21 20:13:59 +0300

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I have an OpenStack IceHouse installation running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I can create and boot Ubuntu VMs OK, but I get a BSOD whenever I boot any Windows VMs. Attempting to install from a Windows ISO loads the initial files from the ISO, starts to boot into the installation process and then give me a BSOD. If I copy over a GEN 1 VHD of a working Hyper-V VM it attempts to boot and also gives me a BSOD.

I believe both problems are due to the lack of VirtIO drivers. I've tried to follow your article "How to create Windows OpenStack images" ( using the script you provide to automate the build, however when I VNC to the resulting VM it too has blue screened.

I would appreciate any help / suggestions anyone could provide.

Regards Carl

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