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FreeRDP Pike/Keystone v3 compatibility/errors

I can't get FreeRDP to work against a Pike installation of Keystone. I have tried the main and beta downloads. In the client there is a brief popup 'Could not connect to Websockets gateway' and a permanent 'This instance seems not to be working'. Looking in the system event log shows WSGate had a OpenStack token authentication failure.

The v2.0 API is deprecated (and wouldn't work) so I configured to use v3.

Out of the box the installer misses creating the 'keystoneversion = ' line for the configuration so it doesn't work properly; WSGate gives a message 'OpenStack token authentication failed: Not Found' which seems to be due to the request being malformed.

Adding 'keystoneversion = v3' manually into the configuration changes the error but doesn't fix the problem; an error is generated by WSGate 'OpenStack token authentication failed: Bad Request', and from Keystone 'SchemaValidationError: Invalid input for field scope/project: id or name must be present.' which again suggests a malformed request.

Is a newer version of the installer and application available? The beta appears to be trailing the most recent GitHub master commits which seem to relate to this area.

Also what is the best way to view the debugging output from WSGate? The event log messages don't show anything extra when debug=True (and are a bit broken anyway) and using Dbgview doesn't show anything obvious.