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2017-06-13 12:03:30 +0300 answered a question FreeRDP Html5 proxy keystone v3

Hello there Phang, Of course you can use Keystone V3, you will need to edit the wsgate.ini file in order to switch to v3. Here is a template on what fields you can complete: wsgate.ini template


authurl = http://localhost:5000/v3
keystoneversion = v3
username = ...

Complete the rest of the configuration file as needed.

Please return if issues still remain. Thank you, Cosmin.

2017-04-05 17:35:11 +0300 answered a question WebConnect fails to connect to FreeRDP server

Hello CodeAbyss, I did some investigation on the issue and I am not able to connect to the FreeRDP server either with MS RDP or wsgate. Can you elaborate on how you built the server? (I tested on ubuntu14.04 using WITHSSE2=ON; WITHSERVER=ON, on FreeRDP/stable1.1 branch)

2017-01-12 19:37:34 +0300 answered a question FreeRDP webconnect wsgate.ini looked for in c:\openstack\...

Hello Thomas, can you tell me more on how you got the path for that wsgate.ini file? Normally, when wsgate executes as a service it will look for the .ini file in "..\etc". Also try running wsgate from command line as follows and see if it works:

.\wsgate -c <path to wsgate.ini>

(The path to wsgate.ini should be in your installation folder, under etc)

Thank you, Cosmin

2016-12-15 16:53:01 +0300 answered a question FreeRDP-WebConnect builds for Linux

After you clone the repository, execute the following:

sudo -f

Then you should configure wsgateby following the template: You should start wsgate as follows

./wsgate -c ./wsgate.ini

The "-c" option is used so that wsgate will know what config file it should use.

Hope that helps. Cosmin.

2016-12-15 16:47:22 +0300 answered a question freerdp web connect

I suppose that you're using FreeRDP-WebConnect. Open "Local group policy editor" on the host that you want to connect to, then search for the following:

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host -> Session Time Limits

Put the "Set time limit for disconnected sessions" setting to Enabled, and "End a disconnected session" to Never.

Hope that helps. Cosmin

2016-12-02 21:32:33 +0300 answered a question freerdp password

In the newer version the password field will never be saved, unless the user chooses that the browser should do so.

2016-07-25 19:47:03 +0300 commented answer Rdp Console Not Working in mitaka

Unfortunately FreeRDP doesn't support v3. I will take care of it and I will inform you as soon as it's implemented.

2016-07-25 16:10:29 +0300 commented answer Rdp Console Not Working in mitaka

Thanks for the information Muthu, it seems that FreeRDP is not able to gather the information from Openstack. Your setup seems to be correct. Can you please test if the Keystone API v2.0 is working?

2016-07-22 17:33:14 +0300 answered a question Rdp Console Not Working in mitaka

Hello Muthu, did you install FreeRDP-WebConnect on the compute-node?(if yes, the host can be localhost, but it's not indicated). I suppose there is a problem with your openstack controller, as it should return you the proper compute-node ip. Could you enter inside Event Viewer inside the compute-node, under Application, search for source: wsgate and you should have a list of Information level entries. There are some specific ones to look for:

RDP Port:              '2179'
RDP User:              'your admin'
RDP Pcb:               '4F325E7A-7909-4537-8A5D-D85F150B6890'
RDP Host:              'some ip'

Also if there are any errors, paste those too.

Those should coincide with the info related to the particular VM you're trying to view. Also, can you show the wsgate.ini file(remove the admin password) inside

C:\Program Files\Cloudbase Solutions\FreeRDP-WebConnect\etc\wsgate.ini

2016-06-02 23:58:41 +0300 answered a question freerdp-webconnect IIS reverse proxy

You will need to replace all %TAG% strings with the ones that are required, one very easy way is to use wsgate and see what web source files it replies and then replace as seen there, or use those files entirely.

Thank you, Cosmin.

2016-06-02 23:56:04 +0300 answered a question FreeRDP Webconnect remote app

Unfortunately, for now, this feature is not available.
It is planned for the future, so stick around.

Thank you, Cosmin.

2016-06-02 17:27:38 +0300 answered a question Unable to connect to server with FreeRDP-WebConnect

Make sure that you can RDP out of the VM that has FreeRDP-WebConnect installed. Whenever you use WebConnect you need to think relatively to that VM, because all connections are done from that server.

Also check the Event Viewer to see if there are any problems there, coming from wsgate.

Thank you, Cosmin.

2016-06-02 17:19:17 +0300 answered a question freerdp wsgate.ini

You mean the wsgate.ini configuration file? Or in the login screen?

Here you have the information on how to complete the wsgate.ini

If you mean the login screen, you could see if you have any errors coming from wsgate inside the Event Viewer in Windows or the /var/log/syslog file on Linux.

Please give more details about your setup so that we can troubleshoot your problem.

Thank you, Cosmin.

2015-10-09 23:51:08 +0300 commented answer FreeRDP Webconnect Proxy

In your browser, under the network settings (sometimes in an advanced section), there should be a proxy setting form. Setup those as stated by your admin.

2015-10-09 23:47:09 +0300 commented answer FreeRDP Webconnect losing the ability to left click

Until the official release, you can use the beta. We have no release date set, but somewhere around this month.

2015-10-01 01:39:28 +0300 answered a question FreeRDP Webconnect losing the ability to left click

That is a known bug and it will be fixed with the new version. You can try the beta version HERE

2015-09-23 17:31:57 +0300 answered a question Installing FreeRDP WebConnect via commandline

You need to use the wizard as it configures a new user for FreeRDP WebConnect's service, also if chosen, it does OpenStack integration.

If you want to install FreeRDP-WebConnect as part of a automated script, you could try to execute the .msi or compile the code.

2015-09-23 17:30:13 +0300 answered a question Is there any detailed documentation or wiki for freeRDP web connect?

For now there is no documentation, but you can use the issues on github or this platform if you have any questions. Documentation will be added after the future release.

2015-09-23 17:26:00 +0300 answered a question FreeRDP HTML5 proxy on Windows IIS?

Support for a separate WebServer was postponed for later as we are working on more critical issues.

2015-09-23 17:02:50 +0300 answered a question Local drive redirect with FreeRDP HTML5 proxy

If you want another drive in Openstack you can use Horizon (or Cinder calls) to add a new volume. Please refer to Openstack documentation for more details. If you are using WebConnect without Openstack, connecting to a physical machine, the feature you are requesting is not supported yet. Can you please be more specific with your use case?

2015-09-23 16:47:29 +0300 answered a question FreeRDP cmake command line

You need to relate to the DLLs required and add the libraries accordingly. Cpprest, OpenSSL, libpng, boost, pthreads and EHS are the dependencies that you need to use in order to build your solution. EHS is being built the same way as WebConnect, using cmake. Also you could use the Github issues HERE to guide yourself in case some compilation errors occur.

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2015-09-15 19:30:27 +0300 answered a question How are you compiling webConnect for windows?

We are using this
cmake . -G "Visual Studio 12" -T "v120" -DTHREADS_PTHREADS_WIN32_LIBRARY="[path to pthreads]" -DEHS_ROOT_DIR="[path to EHS]"

Though if your compilation succeeded it means everything went well. I will return to your issue on Github

2015-06-16 21:28:32 +0300 answered a question How can I open VM console with web parameters via html5_proxy_base_url

You need to use the following keywords



This being the case of directly connecting to a machine. Resulting in the following

[iframe src="http://[wsgate host-ip] :8000/?host=[host-ip]&port=3389"]

Or if you're using Hyper-V

host=[Hyper-V host-ip]


pcb=[VM id]

Resulting in the following

[iframe src="http://[wsgate host-ip] :8000/?host=[Hyper-V host-ip]&port=2179&pcb=[VM id]"]

[wsgate host-ip] is the IP of the machine where you installed wsgate

[VM id] is the blob that you can get using the PowerShell command

Get-VM [instance-name] | select id

You can get your instance-names but just running Get-VM

2015-06-07 00:53:26 +0300 answered a question FreeRDP Webconnect Proxy

If Web-Connect is hosted on your localhost you don't need a proxy. If Web-Connect is hosted on a machine that is outside your network you will need proxy settings in your browser. Think about if you need proxy between the machine where Web-Connect is hosted and the machine you want to RDP into.

2015-05-31 00:33:15 +0300 answered a question keyboard language freerdp-webconnect

You could keep the server's input in nl-BE and your client in us-ENG or vice-versa.

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2015-05-30 23:55:43 +0300 answered a question Could not connect to RDP backend on FreeRDP Web Connect

Try editing the C:\Program Files (x86)\Cloudbase Solutions\FreeRDP-WebConnect\etc\wsgate.ini file and remove any SSL lines in there. Also make sure that the HyperV host IP is correct (including your credentials).

Also try using the 2179 port instead of 3389