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2016-09-09 12:29:45 +0200 commented answer Rdp Console Not Working in mitaka

Hi, currently the Console works after following this link

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2016-07-26 11:16:04 +0200 commented answer Rdp Console Not Working in mitaka

Okay. Thank you :)

2016-07-25 19:07:38 +0200 commented answer Rdp Console Not Working in mitaka

I'am afraid NO. Command "openstack endpoint list" provides only v3 endpoints. As seen here . Also keystone api vertification process of v2.0 produces error as "Could not determine suitable URL for the plugin". I think in Mitaka release identity v2.0 is deprecated.

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2016-07-22 18:31:32 +0200 commented answer Rdp Console Not Working in mitaka

Even viewer logs has to be read from bottom. Sorry comment characters are consistent.

2016-07-22 18:30:02 +0200 commented answer Rdp Console Not Working in mitaka

Thanks for the quick reply :) Yes, i have installed FreeRDP WebConnect on Hyperv Compute node itself. I checked the EventViewer Application logs. wsgate has logs without any above information of RDP. EventViewer logs wsgate.ini

2016-07-22 17:04:04 +0200 asked a question Rdp Console Not Working in mitaka

Hi, I have installed Openstack Mitaka in ubuntu with openvswitch and configured Hyperv compute note to it and the setup works fine with openvswitch-hyperv-installer-beta. Thanks for this :)

Also i installed FreeRDP Webconnect. and configured the Hyperv compute node nova.conf for it.

But the console never gets shown. Its gives error like

The Instance seems to be not working. Try to enter the console again

But the instance is working fine.

The nova-consoleauth log has some warnings regarding memcached. But the memcached is running good on controller. Logs are

2016-07-21 14:25:20.302 1607 WARNING nova.context [req-1e5fb119-13b8-443e-ad69-56f8b4ed4ad0 494e92c72e3b4591aac04753d97f9223 aba78cead4624bc2b20d13483901f7f5 - - -] Arguments dropped when creating context: {u'isadminproject': True} 2016-07-21 14:25:20.303 1607 WARNING nova.consoleauth.manager [req-1e5fb119-13b8-443e-ad69-56f8b4ed4ad0 494e92c72e3b4591aac04753d97f9223 aba78cead4624bc2b20d13483901f7f5 - - -] Token: aa6b04f3-4c14-4ac2-abd3-d33b2588dab7 failed to save into memcached. 2016-07-21 14:25:20.303 1607 WARNING nova.consoleauth.manager [req-1e5fb119-13b8-443e-ad69-56f8b4ed4ad0 494e92c72e3b4591aac04753d97f9223 aba78cead4624bc2b20d13483901f7f5 - - -] Instance: 1a2be841-cbcb-477c-a176-2982f55f1a52 failed to save into memcached 2016-07-21 14:25:20.303 1607 INFO nova.consoleauth.manager [req-1e5fb119-13b8-443e-ad69-56f8b4ed4ad0 494e92c72e3b4591aac04753d97f9223 aba78cead4624bc2b20d13483901f7f5 - - -] Received Token: aa6b04f3-4c14-4ac2-abd3-d33b2588dab7, {'instanceuuid': u'1a2be841-cbcb-477c-a176-2982f55f1a52', 'accessurl': u'', 'token': u'aa6b04f3-4c14-4ac2-abd3-d33b2588dab7', 'lastactivityat': 1469091320.302954, 'internalaccesspath': u'4F325E7A-7909-4537-8A5D-D85F150B6890', 'console_type': u'rdp-html5', 'host': u'', 'port': 2179}

I believe the host should be Compute IP Address( not

Is there something someone would suggest me.


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2014-11-14 17:36:42 +0200 commented answer How to Upgrade Compute Installer (Icehouse - Juno)

Is it that simple !! I will try that. Thanks.

2014-11-14 16:00:44 +0200 asked a question How to Upgrade Compute Installer (Icehouse - Juno)

Hi, i plan to upgrade openstack environment.

How do i upgrade compute node (Hyper-v) safely.

I am upgrading from icehouse to juno release.

Can i just uninstall and use juno installer and select same external switch ? Is that ok ? If not, then how to do ?


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2014-08-08 14:04:39 +0200 answered a question Hyperv RDP console with Openstack Fallsback to Login Page

Hello all, the problem is solved :) The Cloudbase FreeRDP Webconnect for Windows is working well.

The problem was in dns. i added my controller ip to Hyper-v hosts local host file. Now things working fine. I used only ip addresse's for configuring Hyper-v but it needs names resolvable, I dont know why.

Anyway thanks for peoples who made FreeRdp Webconnect integrated with Hyper-v and openstack. And thanks for other supports you provided.

Hope to Find a stable version of release soon :)


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2014-08-04 18:44:35 +0200 asked a question Hyperv RDP console with Openstack Fallsback to Login Page

Hi, i have a trouble in getting rdp console work. My console always falls back to Login Page of Webconnect.

It seems like controller requests for VNC console and not for RDP console seeing my nova_api.log link

I have FreeRdp-html5-proxy-Webconnect in Hyperv node itself.

The nova-consoleauth log in controller says:

2014-08-05 18:57:44.940 4465 AUDIT nova.consoleauth.manager [req-a4bec243-efb4-42a3-b0d7-bc4219738740 d82b253311974eb491c06d702b71ee08 a42c938d46c74b1ab7dded24b602b424] Received Token: ced736ee-b424-4be5-ab62-05f0c91e2793, {'instanceuuid': u'076171fb-4c41-481f-b396-f47abe3eb7a0', 'internalaccesspath': u'6531E6A0-5C58-4D22-9713-889E8B65584A', 'lastactivityat': 1407245264.939781, 'consoletype': u'rdp-html5', 'host': u'', 'token': u'ced736ee-b424-4be5-ab62-05f0c91e2793', 'port': 2179}


  • instance_uuid: is vm-id in openstack dashboard

  • internalaccesspath: is vm-id in hyperv

  • host ip is hyperv host-ip (

This shows that hyperv host vm-id is somehow got by controller but no direct console.

I can connect to vm manually in 2179 port using webconnect login-pass which i gave in wsgate.ini

Error Logs :

nova-api_log for above consolelog is link

HypervEventViewerlog for the same consolelog is link

URLFromConsoletabofOpenstackDashboard :


My controller ml2_config.ini is link

My nova.conf in controller is link

My hyperv nova.conf is link

My hyperv wsgate.ini is link

Controller-ip: (also

Hypervhost&&FreerdpWebconnect ip: (also

Everything else works perfectly other than direct console access.

UPDATE : updated with complete logs, pls help.

Do anybody get anything that where i gone wrong.