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2016-02-19 03:44:46 +0300 asked a question Updating Windows image/sysprep , how to rearm Clouldbase-init

This should be a pretty easy questions to answer. After all is well , and your Windows images are sealed, sysprep'ed and Cloudbase-init has installed and shut down the guest, how do you re-arm Cloudbase-init if you have to power the box back online ? I know I have to re-sysprep the box , but do I need to uninstall , reboot , install Cloudbase-init again ? or is there an easy command line option I can do to re-run properly after a power up?


2016-02-07 23:42:46 +0300 asked a question Clouldbase with VIO and no password Windows vm issue.

I have been using Vmware Intergrated Openstack for a month or so now and I seem to have some issues with the clouldbase-init working for me. Now , I have the custom YAML file set for the customization = false so it doesn't use the customization wizard. I have the cloundbase-ini conf file exactly as it is out of the box.

I am trying to spin up a windows machine using the Openstack menu off a good known windows image in glance, and using a public/private key pair. Clouldbase-init is set to injectuserpassword=true. After the VM is booted , retrieving the password from the Horizon menu shows me the public key that is used , but the below area where you copy/past the public key is greyed out saying I did not set the password for the admin account. Did I miss something in the config ?