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Installed Openvswitch in hyper-v can only start one vm at a time

asked 2016-02-18 05:11:32 +0300

Hugo gravatar image

updated 2016-02-20 05:28:45 +0300

Installed Openvswitch in hyper-v can only start one vm at a time Not able to have a vm with two ethernet adapters Any ideas? Is there any commands i need to do in OVS?

I Get Synthethic ethernet port error data not accepted the tdi client could not handle the data received during indication failed to allocate resources while connecting to a virtual network

Tried on windows 10 on one machine and it freezes the start up of the second vm Triend on 2016 tp4 on a different machine and the same thing happens - both using 2.4 ovs both on different hardware

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answered 2016-02-19 01:15:19 +0300

Hugo gravatar image

OVS version according to the extension on hyper-v - the latest from the site 2.4 i believe, the forwarding extension is enabled, on the host im able to ping it and ping out, as well as get a ip from dhcp on the host using the ovs switch, just to be sure I uninstalled ovs and removed the switch, then installed ovs first and recreated the switch using the same name as in the walktrough, created the br-tun with external.1 and internal everything went fine no errors - interesting enough i noticed its not assigned mac addresses to the vms either altough the auto assign is enabled in hyper-v, running on 2012r2 the nic type is a intel[r] 82576 dual port nic.

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answered 2016-02-18 14:04:27 +0300

Hello Hugo,

Can you please give some more details about your environment? What version of OVS version are you using? Did you enable the "OVS Hyper-V virtual switch forwarding extension" on the switch you are using? Can also describe step by step what you are doing?

We didn't manage to reproduce your problem. We spawned vms with multiple NICs and multiple vms at a time, all was fine.

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